Plan or coincidence?

I’m not sure if I agree with everything in this report, but it looks pretty interesting. It’s suggestion that a Russian-US-Arab (including Israel) axis is crystallising against Iran is a bit farfetched. For one, Russia would not join such an axis, but would cooperate with it (or, rather, stop cooperating with Iran) if it were to somehow serve Russian interests. Second, the Arab (including Israel) front against Iran crystallised quite a few years ago – the Status Quo Bloc that this blog keeps banging on about. The difference is that, at least according to this report, the US has recognised the strategic imperative of strengthening this bloc, and is acting on that need.

This is good news, as long as decent strategic thought has gone into it. And, given what we think we know about the Trump Administration, there doesn’t appear to be much strategic thought going on. So maybe this is just a happy coincidence?


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