Hope Trumping Experience: A return to Obama politics?

The Washington Institute writes:

After numerous postponements, the upcoming Fatah General Cconference could inject energy into the aging movement and stabilize its ranks, but not if the internal elections exclude large constituencies or come across as rigged.

Bollocks. Fatah’s internal strife goes to the very core of its purpose. It doesn’t know whether it wants to achieve a Palestinian state alongside Israel or instead of Israel. Well, to clarify, it knows full-well that it wants the latter; the division arises because its ageing leadership knows the later option is impossible, but has never mustered the courage to state that publicly at the same time as putting polices in place to make it happen. In short, it has long played both hands, and lost badly. Fatah’s younge cadres haven’t yet realised they can’t destroy Israel—they’ll continue hurling themselves against that brick wall until they, too, grow old and a bit wiser.

The older, senior and ever-so-slightly wiser heads will continue losing ground for as long as they are two-faced. That’s bad for them, for the Palestinians, for Israel, for the wiser Middle East and for the West. If only the West had the strategic vision to use its considerable leverage to force their hand..!


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