Hamas elections: Manoeuvring within the Big Picture

Way back in October 2014, in my first post, I laid out the Middle East’s big picture – how the rise of a nascent Sunni Islamist bloc was wedging the long-established Status Quo and Resistance Blocs, which adequately explained both the political dynamics of and violence in the Middle East.

In the tail end of that first post I wrote a little bit about the dilemmas facing hamas, which had a foot in more than one camp. A new article in the Cypher Brief (I didn’t come up with the name!) describes the next stage of this dilemma, but with the added description of the tensions within hamas.

In short, the article confirms the assessment at the heart of that first post (and this entire blog), but it’s a worth a read because it shows how movements within the Middle East are attempting to navigate its choppy waters.


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