But do we have a strategic mind?

Here’s an excellent article from the National Interest, about the challenges of challenging Islamist terrorism. 

Unlike many other articles dealing with the same subject, this one comes with a healthy dose of pragmatism. 
I’ve had a stab at this topic in the past, but this guy writes with more authority than me:

While defeating Islamic State should be on the counterterrorism agenda for the next administration, the real objective should be to adequately meet the challenge of twenty-first-century global jihadism…

To effectively address today’s terrorist threat, we must begin by acknowledging the unique ways in which jihadism propels violence, and proceed by assessing where Western states have real strengths and real vulnerabilities in their approaches…

The jihadist threat can only be addressed honestly and thoroughly if we care to understand the power that jihadist ideas wield in propelling violent actions. Jihadism repackages traditional concepts to exploit political circumstances in the Middle East. It is when jihadist ideas do so convincingly that they quickly transform into a kinetic physical threat…

Seeing the development of jihadism not as a sequence of terrorist acts but as an evolution of a cause informed by both the use of classical Islamic concepts and their application to contemporary circumstances can help us take stock of where our assessments were shortsighted.

Still, the question remains, if this article sets out what can and should be done to help prevent terrorism, do our political leaders and the public have the required strategic mindset to stomach these policies?

I believe the answer is no. Coupled with the fact the antidote lies ultimately in the Middle East, it explains why no progress will be made on this front for the next little while. 


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